Hi! I'm Tracy Gunn and over the past 16 years I've...

  • ​Built and Exited: 4 businesses! 2 Restaurants and 2 Candy stores
  • Engaged A Broker: Who told me selling was hopeless. But I fixed them and found my buyer in just 3 months
  • Created The E.A.S.Y. Method: A proven process to creating your profitable exit. You can own your business on your terms. You can guarantee you can sell (if you actually want to). There are some things you really need to know. Click to learn more. 

Every Business Owner Will Exit Their Business.
The question is whether it is...


Don't mistake me... Every business owner will exit.
The surest way to exit profitably - is to have a plan. 
Otherwise, you may be forced to liquidate for pennies on the dollar. 
The first step, make your business Exitable.

Is your business exitable? Here's a quick test.
Could you walk away for three weeks - maybe a vacation- with no problems?
95% of business owners would fail this simple test.
Unfortunately, you are not alone.
And it's not your fault. 
You just didn't know  to plan for the end.
To build so it runs without you.
In fact, almost no one does.

So, are you ready to make a plan to Get Exitable?
We have a proven system that within 3 months you can:
Work less.  Have more freedom.  Sell and retire.

Ready to move on to the next thing?
Want some help?
You don't have to figure it all out yourself.
Follow a proven system and make it easy - Risk free.

It doesn't matter whether you simply want to work less
or are ready to retire and want to sell.

We can guarantee that you reach your goals.

Click the button and watch a short video.
Then book a call to learn how to work with us.

💥Learn The 3 Secrets To Ensure Your Business Sells In As Little As 90 Days 

Have You Invested Decades Building a Thriving Business,

Only to Find Yourself Stuck and Exhausted?

Secretly Filled With Regrets?

Wishing you could just walk away - but you just can't?

Ready to retire but you're stuck “owning” your business?

🛑 Stop allowing your business to OWN you.

🛑 Stop missing moments with your family.

It's time to get prepared so you can sell.

Why not enjoy the final 20 - 30 years of your life!
You've earned it.

It's time to Get "Exitable".

Are you ready to sell your business? 
Is your business ready to sell?

Get your sellability score right now!
It's free. It takes less that 3 minutes
And it will help you know exatlcy where you stand.

95% of business owners have no plan.
I didn't either. I almost quit.
Almost gave up and liquidated.
But then I created a plan and fixed things.
And found my buyer in 3 months.

Now you can create a plan, too. 😀

Join the 30 day Exit Plan Challenge.
It will be easy!
Just 1 daily 5 minute task for 30 days
And you will have a tailored Exit Plan!

Have a plan or plan to FAIL. So sign up!

Click the button below and join right now.
Take this opportunity. Create your first exit plan today!

Ever wonder what your business is worth?
What is a realistic price for your business - today?

90% of business owners have no idea
what the business is worth or how to calculate it.

I didn't either. It was almost the end of my business.
Now you can. 😀
I have allowed you access to our Valu-genie software.
It will walk you through your first business valuation.

With clear steps and term definitions and explantions.
This valuable tool will allow you to know
exactly what your business is worth today.
Play with the numbers and see how the figures work together.

Click the button below to access the worksheet. Take this opportunity to create your first business valuation today!

Could your business survive for a "short" time without you?

I'm not talking about vacation - but an unplanned emergency.

Would your business fall apart? Would your staff get paid?
And what would happen to your family?

Get the I.C.E. Planning Course today!

This comprehensive video course will guide you to create your I.C.E. Plan. I walk you step by step through each module to collect the correct information and resources so that you can create your emergency kit.

I've included a business dashboard that you can copy to jumpstart and easily create your digital version of all the information that might be necessary in case of emergency,.

This is the course that will get your organized in the way you knew you needed to but never found the time to accomplish.

This is your chance to get organized and protect your family and your business I urge you to grab this deal and do it!

Imagine the relief know that your business is safe - just in case!
Click the button below to access the worksheet. Take this opportunity to create your first business valuation today!


Hi, I'm Karen Frith

I'm Tracy's business partner, and the person you'll see more of when we work together.

Besides building and selling my own businesses in the UK for over 20 years, I've also helped global brands with their mergers and acquisitions.

Together we can get your business 'Exitable'... whatever your exit looks like!

It all starts when you click the button below.

 We're Helping Business Owners Just Like You 


"Sarah: My business had been listed with a broker for months and I had zero interest. Tracy & her team got me an offer within a week and for 10% more than the broker said it was worth"


"Jim: I just couldn't see a way out, other than to liquidate. The Get Exitable program gave me the roadmap I needed and now I have a management team in building value "


"Norman: To sell an events business is a challenge... but the team at Exitable know their stuff and told me exactly what I needed to do and helped my team make it happen"


"Michael Our grocery stores provided a community service and I just couldn't walk away from our customers without handing it over to someone who cared. The team helped me find the right buyer"


The one's brokers won't talk about..

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The E.A.S.Y Method

  • ​Baseline your business today: What makes your business work and what value does that create
  • ​What does the future hold: What do you need the valuation to be when you exit
  • ​What needs to happen next: What do you need to do to close the valuation gap


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