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Are you worried it is going to be hard?

All those fancy business terms and numbers...

Calculating your business valuation can be confusing, time-consuming, and frustrating.

Don't let MATH stop you! 

That's why we created our Valuation Calculator.

Get a solution that can make it really easy.

The Valuation Calculator

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The Valuation Calculator was created to make it super easy.
The simple-to-use software takes the guesswork out of valuing your business. 
It walks you through each step so that you input the right data, understand all the terminology, 
and calculates what your business is worth. And, it includes a private podcast and video guide to help every step of the way.

Here's what you get!

  • ​The Valuation Calculator
  • ​​Intuitive Software: Guides you through every step. Just plug in your answers and it calculates everything for you - and teaches you along the way!
  • ​​Play with the numbers: After you create your initial valuation - it is time to experiment. Let's play! What would your numbers need to look like to get the exit you deserve? Drop them into the software and see.
  • ​​Industry Multiple Lists: ​Check out the lists to see how your industry stacks up. Compare with others and get creative. What pieces could you add to your business to improve your multiple?
  • ​​Save your data: So you can see the impact of your actions on your valuation

Professional Business Valuations can cost from $2000 to $10,000!

But today,  you can get lifetime access to the Valuation Calculator. 

Today... Just $7.00

No more worry about what you don't know.
No need to ask a stranger to give you his opinion.
Learn at your own pace in private. Shame-free.

We totally get it.
Not knowing what your business is worth can leave you feeling uncertain. 
You may feel stuck, and not know how to decide.
Should you stay, close, or sell your business?

The secret to knowing what to do next... begins right now.

Know Your Business Value And Then You Can Wisely Decide What's Next.

The Business Valuation Calculator will
walk you step-by-step through your numbers
And calculate 
your business valuation.

And today you can do it yourself.

Know today what your business is worth.
So you can Get peace of mind and clarity.
and make the right decision for your future.

No more wondering what to do.... or where to start.

This step by step software
will guide you through and calculate for you 
exactly what your business is worth.

Why not know today?


Get the Calculator


E.A.S.Y Method Intensive
EASY Method Intensive
The FUll Day Instensive to ensure a step by step process to your dream exit
Valuation Calculator
Calculator Access
Want to understand the how to calculate your business valaution?
The Exitable Calculator is perfect for a novice or seasoned professional.
You will understand all the terms, as you are guided step by step, through your personal valuation.
Simply input your numbers and get the valuation of your business.
Once you understand how it all works togehter - then make the changes you need to increase the valuation and run the calcs again.

Private podcast guiding you through the worksheet to ensure you understand.
"Get Exitable" Program
FREE 14-Day Trial
Includes access to the Valuation Calculator and Five Additional Bonuses.

The "Get Exitable" Program is all of the resources you will ever need to exit your business
Set to Sell Masterclass
Masterclass Registration
Access to masterclass to designing your exit.
VIP Pass
VIP Pass
VIP Access for the masterclass
Exitable Valuation Calculator
Hate math? Push the easy button - Use our calculator.
It's fully automated. Professional Valuations cost over $5,000! 99% savings.
Ultimate Get Exitable Starter Toolkit
Exitable Toolkit
Just $4.99 Today! Grab the Toolkit. It has everything you need to create your exit plan. Isn't it time to t fix your business and design your exit.
Membership Includes Access to Community, The Quick Start Challenge, and Monthly Newsletter with Coaching on Getting Exitable.
Exitable Quick Start Workshop
Get your Exit Strategy done!
Want to Know your Valuation?
Want to build the Roadmap of Opportunity?
Let's get it done.
Join us on this half day workshop.
Tracy and Karen will guide you and other business owners through creating your Exit Strategy.
You will leave this workshop with the plans complete.
What would you pay for the peace of mind of having your plans and all that is left is implementation?
You must have a plan - or plan to fail.
Business Freedom Club - Standard
2024 Standard
Business Freedom Club - Signature
2024 Signature
Business Freedom Club - Diamond
2024 Diamond
I.C.E. Plan Video Course

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