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E.A.S.Y Method Intensive
EASY Method Intensive
The FUll Day Instensive to ensure a step by step process to your dream exit
Valuation Calculator
Calculator Access
Want to understand the how to calculate your business valaution?
The Exitable Calculator is perfect for a novice or seasoned professional.
You will understand all the terms, as you are guided step by step, through your personal valuation.
Simply input your numbers and get the valuation of your business.
Once you understand how it all works togehter - then make the changes you need to increase the valuation and run the calcs again.

Private podcast guiding you through the worksheet to ensure you understand.
"Get Exitable" Program
FREE 14-Day Trial
Includes access to the Valuation Calculator and Five Additional Bonuses.

The "Get Exitable" Program is all of the resources you will ever need to exit your business
Set to Sell Masterclass
Masterclass Registration
Access to masterclass to designing your exit.
VIP Pass
VIP Pass
VIP Access for the masterclass
Exitable Valuation Calculator
Hate math? Push the easy button - Use our calculator.
It's fully automated. Professional Valuations cost over $5,000! 99% savings.
Ultimate Get Exitable Starter Toolkit
Exitable Toolkit
Just $4.99 Today! Grab the Toolkit. It has everything you need to create your exit plan. Isn't it time to t fix your business and design your exit.
Membership Includes Access to Community, The Quick Start Challenge, and Monthly Newsletter with Coaching on Getting Exitable.
Exitable Quick Start Workshop
Get your Exit Strategy done!
Want to Know your Valuation?
Want to build the Roadmap of Opportunity?
Let's get it done.
Join us on this half day workshop.
Tracy and Karen will guide you and other business owners through creating your Exit Strategy.
You will leave this workshop with the plans complete.
What would you pay for the peace of mind of having your plans and all that is left is implementation?
You must have a plan - or plan to fail.
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I.C.E. Plan Video Course

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Here's what you will unlock at the Masterclass for just $97

  • Valuation Calculator - Get immediate feedback on your valuation and specific ideas to make an improvement to your business​
  • Create Your Exit Plan
  • Build Your Business Assets
  • Create Your Business Roadmap to Attract Your Buyer
  • 14-Day Access To Our Private Podcast

What our current members are saying



My business had been listed with a broker for over 6 months and I didn't have any viewings until I worked with Tracy & Karen. I sold within 6 weeks and for 10% more than the broker told me it was worth... I can't thank them enough



Using the automated valuation calculator, and then following the step-by-step instructions in the Get Exitable program, showed me exactly what I needed to do to exit my business

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“I owned and managed a general store for over 10 years, and the 4am starts 7 days a week were a killer. Even when I had staff the responsibility was always with me to make sure everything worked smoothly. Staff on minimum wage would let me down and there just wasn’t enough in the business (or so I thought) to pay a manager. I knew I wanted out but I couldn’t see any value in the business, so the prospect of selling it seemed impossible. Walking away seemed to be the only option.

I was introduced to Karen. She was initially introduced as an accountant who could advise on getting my books in order, but it soon became clear that her experience lay more in turnarounds and exits. She consulted for some of the biggest brands on the planet and she was able to translate the strategies and tactics they used and help me apply it to my own business. Don’t get me wrong, it was brutal and ugly at times – for example the approach uncovered staff theft… by a close family member! By the end of the process the business was making more money than it ever had. We had 3 offers on the table within 6 months…
I was enjoying running it so much I stayed on for another 12 months as a manager for the new owner!”