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  • ​We're already helping business owners like YOU to maximize the value of their business and successfully exit on their terms. Our "Get Exitable" coaching program provides full access to the following:
  • Comprehensive training materials: Our course includes detailed lessons and exercises on topics such as valuing your business, preparing it for sale, and finding potential buyers.
  • Expert guidance: Our team of experienced business advisors will be available to answer your questions and provide guidance throughout the process.
  • Access to tools and resources: We offer a range of tools and resources, such as templates and guides, to help you manage the sale process and communicate effectively with potential buyers.
  • Our Buyer Network: As a member, you will have the chance to connect with other business owners who are also looking to sell their businesses. This can be a valuable resource for finding potential buyers or learning from others who have gone through the process.

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Join Us On Our "4 Steps Masterclass"

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The 4 Steps To Get Exitable

  • ​Step 0: Know Your Value
  • ​COMPLETE: Use the valuation worksheet or calculator
  • ​Step 1: Get Ready To Exit
  • ​Step 2: Set Your Exit Goals
  • Step 3: Find Your Buyer
  • ​Step 1: Know Your Value
  • ​Step 2: Get Ready
  • Step 3: Set Your Target
  • Step 4: Find Your Buyer
  • ​PENDING: Included In Your FREE 14 day access
  • ​PENDING: Included In Your FREE 14 day access
  • PENDING: Included In Your FREE 14 day access
  • ​Step 2: OUTSTANDING
  • ​Step 3: OUTSTANDING

Want to Guarantee your Success?


We would like you to join us for our next "4 Steps Masterclass".
Where we will complete your next steps together. Guaranteed.
Let's do this together.

At the Masterclass you will:

Create Your Business Valuation

Create Your Exit Plan

Build Your Business Assets

 Build Your Business Roadmap To Attract Your Ideal Buyer

Attendance at this Masterclass will unlock...

Valuation Calculator.png

The Valuation Calculator

  • ​Live Walkthrough: A live demonstration of the Valuation Calculator to get you up to speed in no time!
  • Intuitive Software: Guides you through every step. Just plug in your answers and it calculates everything for you - and teaches you along the way!
  • Play with the numbers: After you create your initial valuation - it is time to experiment. Let's play! What would your numbers need to look like to get the exit you deserve? Drop them into the Calculator and see.
  • ​Industry Multiple Lists: ​Check out the lists to see how your industry stacks up. Compare with others and get creative. What pieces could you add to your business to improve your multiple?
  • Save your data:  So you can see the impact of your actions on your valuation.

But There's More!


Behind The Scenes Of The Get Exitable Program

  • Create Your Exit Plan: We all make plans to start a business, but very few plan for their eventual exit. You can get a jump start. Plan ahead and develop your strategy now.
  • Build Your Business Assets: Together we will compile your asset list. There is GOLD in there. And we will help you find it. Complete the list and see the big picture
  • ​Attract Your Buyer: No business is prefect - No owner is perfect either. Use our tool to see where the gaps are, and where quick wins could be. 
  • Private Podcast: This video & audio series explains each step of the process, beginning with the Valuation Calculator. Complete this process easily - and rack up the wins. Download straight to your phone or watch on video. It ensures you can't get confused.

Why do it now?

Because over the next five years,
12 million small business owners
are going to retire...

That's 12 million baby boomers trying to sell their businesses...

Today - You Learned What They Don't Know!

  • ​That ​ONLY 10%​ of businesses sell
  • ​That most​ businesses are ​NOT sellable​  - yet
  • ​That hiring a broker is NOT a guarantee
  • ​ That most owners will have to ​PIVOT and repair​ so they can sell to retire
  • ​That there are not enough buyers to buy  ALL 12 million of them
  • That NOW is the time to prepare to SELL

Can you imagine working your whole life with plans to sell and retire

And when you are finally ready... your business doesn't sell. 

You can't retire because you can't afford to. And you are stuck working forever.

It's a really serious scenario.

Don't let this to happen to you.

This is your warning call.

The "Get Exitable"™ program may be the one thing that stands between you selling or not

I don't want it for you or any other business owner

Demand for this program is only going to increase

So click the link and unlock your access today...While this offer is still available.

If you are here today...
It is because of one of these reasons.

  • ​Reason #1​— you’ve been working at this business thing... maybe for a long time now... and you are ready to think about other things. Maybe you have different priorities now. Like grandkids. Or maybe you want more freedom to do what you want when you want it... But you haven’t pulled the trigger - yet - because you’re still “strategizing”... You’re sitting back trying to make sure you have all of the right moves in your head BEFORE you start. But really... the truth is... you may feel just a bit lost about what to do next or worried about what others will think of you.
  • ​​Reason #2 — you DID try your hand ​at this business selling thing... and maybe even had a broker at some point... but for whatever reason, it just didn’t “pan out” as you would've hoped... Maybe you even invested countless hours... and POURED YOUR HOPE into the broker, but it didn't happen. And the idea of going back and trying again churns all those feelings of failure like dropping an anxiety bomb in your gut...
  • ​​Reason #3 — you are just plain tired. You hate your business. You hate your staff. Or worse - you hate your customers. You've lost the passion and just wish someone would come along and wave a magic wand and fix things.​ You've worked endless hours... drained your savings... and now you are ready for something else. Maybe more time and freedom. You might even be like me - and have considered paying someone to take it off your hands. You feel stuck. 
  • Reason #4 - you love your business. Everything is fine. In fact - maybe it's great. But you just haven't quite figured out how to make it run without you. Maybe you just need to up-level. So, you can focus on the next more fulfilling and funner things. But you aren't sure how to do it. You aren't ready to sell yet, but you definitely want it to be sellable someday. And you are ready to do this.

Listen, You Are Absolutely Not Alone

I Know How FREAKING TOUGH This Business Stuff Can Be...

That’s why it’s fate you’re here today...


Now, in case you don’t know who I am,
my name’s Tracy Gunn, and I’m one of the co-founders of Get Exitable. I am a small business owner - just like you.

And my personal mission is to warn entrepreneurs, like yourself, about what's coming. No one is talking about it!

To help you break free from the “chains” that bind you.

To help you fix the things that will prevent you from selling your business, (no matter when that is). To help you achieve the life and freedom you want, the life and freedom you deserve.

But in order for that to happen, 
I need you to get off the sidelines, suit-up, and... “Get In The Game!”

Now— in order to “get in the game,” you need some tools, or else it makes playing the game a little confusing, and we don’t want that...

That’s why I created the tools you’ll need so you can get started.

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